Tipja Generate

We believe that social media and memes have revolutionized the way we communicate, entertain ourselves, and express our creativity. That's why we created Tipja: for the meme community to empower members to tip, support, and reward each other for their contributions to social media and meme culture. With Tipja, you can:

  • Tip your favorite content creators, anyone, and influencers on social media, regardless of their platform or country.
  • Support emerging artists, writers, and musicians who are often overlooked by traditional media channels.
  • Create and share memes that go viral, and get rewarded for your wit, humor, or originality.

So how does Tipja work? It's simple

Our AI

Enables users to create memes on Twitter and Telegram with any post or comment. It provides a fun and engaging way for people to express their thoughts through memes by simply using #tipja as a command and inserting the words of your choice, the AI will turn your words into memes with images.

Get some TIPJA

You can buy TIPJA here.


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Send a tip

Once you have Tipja, you can send them to any user on social media who has enabled Tipja tipping on their profile or content. Just click on the Tipja button and choose the amount you want to tip.

Receive a tip

When someone tips you with Tipja, you will receive a notification and see the Tipja balance on your profile or wallet. In the near future, you can use Tipja to buy goods and services from merchants who accept them.

Tipja is not just a cryptocurrency, it's a community of like-minded people who share the passion for "AI, memes and social media".

With Tipja, you have the power to shape the future of social media and meme culture. Join us today and start tipping the world!

The total supply of the Tipja is 10,000,000,000,000, with 91% (9,100,000,000,000) allocated to liquidity. A further 9% is reserved in a multisig wallet that the community can trace for future centralized exchange (CEX) listings, liquidity provision (LP), bridging, and growth purposes. The liquidity portion was burnt at launch to ensure the integrity and value of the token.